Things I Wish I Had Known Earlier Because They Are Useful #3

Beetroot can turn your pee a reddy-brown.

Called Beeturia and caused by the beetroot pigment betacyanin, the discolouration is nothing to worry about.

Roast beetroot is the main culprit – compared to canned beets – because soaking beetroots causes the pigment to move from the vegetable to water.

Keep your cool next time you pee pink – unless you’ve come back from Fight Club in which case, make your way to the hospital and ask for a kidney examination.


Things I Wish I Had Known Earlier Because They Are Useful #2

Add crushed nuts to your morning porridge.

I’ve been a peanut-butter and honey guy for the longest time but tried something a different today.

I took to a handful of macadamia’s with a pestle (though a hammer or a robust elbow would do an equally good job) breaking the nuts into chunks – a rustic look, some might say.

The porridge won’t have the strong flavourings of peanut butter but you’ll be rewarded for your boldness with a crunchy texture and a different taste.

Things I Wish I Had Known Earlier Because They Are Useful #1

Eat a variety of fat sources.

Peanut butter is an easy option. Slather it on toast, crackers or sandpaper, it’s all good. A little too good…

The problem – peanut butter is addictive. The more you have, the more you want.

Try eating avocado, dark chocolate and other fat sources in place of peanut butter. Occasionally. You don’t have to give up the smooth stuff completely.

I crave peanut butter less since trying this thing I wish I had known earlier because it’s useful.