How To Save The World

The world is getting fat.

We’re in the midst of an obesity epidemic. Wherever there is a Western influence, obesity follows. China is an example of this.

The Western diet, typified by fast food, is only part of the story. The impact of the West extends further than Micky D’s and Pizza Hut. Westernised media is also having a severe effect on the health of the globe. Their influence is being compounded by the boom of social media.

Being aware of the power of the media is important. But what we need is more well-informed and notable voices to combat their skewed messages. Most of what we’re told about our health lacks scientific backing. It’s centred on sound bites that capture our forever-diminishing attention.

The problem we face is the sciencey stuff is bland. Reading a research article evokes yawns, not excitement.

So, how do we make the stuff that can improve people’s lives captivating and easily understood? The answer lies in the delivery.

Combining art and science was a concept revolutionised by Leonardo da Vinci. If we can bring artistry and education together into a bite-sized package, we’ll be well on our way to healthier lives.

The onus is on you and me to create content that is truthful and informative while also being compelling to read or watch.

Challenge accepted.


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