Selective Speech

The ability to communicate well is underrated. There is almost always a fault in the lines of communication when an issue arises.

Communication is hard to define. A lot of it comes down to decision making. Should I say something or listen? Most of us are guilty of speaking too much and listening too little.

But the value is in listening. Have you learned something from talking? It’s by listening to others that we capture new knowledge. Listening builds trust. A good listener earns the respect of the speaker, building the relationship in the process.

There is another danger in speaking too much. What we say loses meaning.

The words we speak have value. A scarcity increases the worth of our words while a surplus reduces it, just like in economics. If we held our tongues more often, people will listen. There would be fewer misunderstandings too.

Is there a danger in speaking too little? Perhaps. But that’s a problem most of us don’t have to worry about.

When in conversation. Listen. Don’t be afraid of silence, it’s less sinister than you think.


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