Great Expectations – Part Three

He would have to leave soon. He had an hour at most. He hated these awkward lengths of time. Long enough to do something significant. But short enough to waste.

He talked himself into watching TV and found himself searching for comic relief.

Despite his best intentions, he couldn’t drift off into the mindless drivel that occupied his screen. His mind was busy thinking and planning. How could he ‘go missing’? Would it be so wrong to follow his heart for once? He was such a logical man. Always calculating probabilities and approaching scenarios methodically.

He found himself creating a pros and cons list in his head, even now. He shook his head vigorously, attempting to disarm his systematic brain to no avail. He could convince himself either way.

He was leading a selfless life. He was using his God-given gifts for the betterment of society. The corporate adage, ‘everyone is replaceable’ didn’t apply to him. He was, quite literally, the only person who could do what he could do.

But he wasn’t fulfilled. He would falter eventually. The life he was leading wasn’t sustainable.

His rational mind was in overdrive now. Despite all the things he was,  he wasn’t immortal. Earth would have to learn to survive without him at some stage; the question was: when?

Perhaps it was in the best interests of the globe if he stepped away now. The people would be forced to step up. To adapt. He could oversee proceedings from afar and interject if things became a little too dire.

The idea of taking a step back was gaining traction. Would they look for him? Would they beg or ridicule him?

Ten minutes to make a decision.


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