The Purge

Rick and Morty is a favourite show of mine. The cartoon is loosely based around Back to the Future. It follows a genius scientist, Rick, and his reluctant sidekick and grandson, Morty, as they travel the multiverse.

One episode follows their journey to a crime-free planet. But there’s a catch. One day a year they purge. The planet becomes lawless. The inhabitants vent their frustrations resulting in a bloody killing spree.

Lovely story line. Ancient civilisations of Central and South America once followed a similar tradition.

How can this mindset be applied to eating habits?

Instead of eating both healthy and unhealthy foods over a week or a month, what if you restrained yourself to healthy foods only? Then, once every so often, you allowed yourself a day of eating whatever you wanted.

Is this justifying bingeing?

Eating without restraints reduces cravings and eliminates the need to binge.

Counter to this, different personalities are suited to the ‘all or nothing’ mindset. They might benefit from the control of restraints and tolerate the occasional ‘blow-out’.

It comes down to the individual. But for sustainability and building healthy habits, those who opt for the ‘binge’ mindset should work toward a balanced approach. Focus on building a healthy relationship with food.


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