The Hero’s Way

Stories inspire. I remember Yes Man with Jim Carrey having this effect on me. His life wasn’t panning out as he had expected though a seminar with a motivational speaker changed everything. He began to say yes to the opportunities life had to offer rather than remaining in his comfort zone.

I made a concerted effort to apply the same principle to my life and, even today, remind myself of the benefits of staying open when I start to play things safe.

If created correctly, tales that follow the journey of a hero make us, the viewer or reader, hope he succeeds. In many cases, we wish we were the hero due to his noble characteristics and exciting adventures.

Exaggeration and a bit of magic make the lives of these individuals a little hard to replicate but we can lead the life of a hero if we choose. It takes a willingness to be bold and to seek adventure. Though the main ingredient – the thing that most stories gloss over – is the need to work hard.

The grind doesn’t make for good reading. No one wants to read about the countless hours of repetition required to make the difficult look easy. As an audience, we want to be entertained.

Know this though: it’s possible to become the hero. Take the time and put in the work behind the scenes and eventually, you’ll become who you want to be.

Very few are willing to put in the hard work. There’s plenty of space at the top while the rest of the populace slug it out in the purgatorial middle ground.

Say yes to putting in a hero’s effort to become a hero.


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