Be Prepared

Hope for the best but expect the worst – how many of us heed this advice?

We’re guilty of approaching life as if everything will go to plan and the trains will always run on time. When something comes up or the train runs late, we scream and curse our misfortune.

Expecting the unexpected is a paradox but we’re old enough to recognise the inconsistent nature of the world. This runs with themes I’ve discussed before – adaptability and being OK with chaos. Though, I want to explore the idea of being less obdurate.

Oftentimes, there are signals, subtle or not so subtle, that forecast change. The issue – we fail to acknowledge them and hope that ignorance will ‘magic it’ away. This is analogous to an ostrich who sticks his head in the sand.

It is utter foolishness.

In times like this, when our sixth sense warns us of a potential plight, we need to wisen up rather than falling into the safety that stubbornness provides. Doing so allows a change of mindset – shock is replaced by acceptance.

A heightened awareness allows us to plan; to make preparations that place us in a better position to manage the situation rather than being without a strategy.

Ok, you say, that’s all well and good, but what about when something comes from out of the blue? These instances are inevitable and the key is to stay calm and relaxed. Once the shock passes, analyse the situation and make plans accordingly.

Anger and frustration serve as additional roadblocks when something unexpected and unpleasant crops up. Be clever and adaptable. See the event for what it is, a challenge, and make the best of it.


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