Does Bodybuilding Build Resiliency?

Bodybuilding is the pursuit of a muscular, lean and well-balanced physique.

While it may seem like a sport rooted in aesthetics, bodybuilding training has additional benefits which are often forgotten.

One of the main goals of the sport is to pack on as much muscle as possible. Apart from altering the way a person looks it also adds to how resilient their body is both in the short and long term.

Short term

Muscular hypertrophy increases the capacity of a muscle. It becomes stronger and more durable. When confronted with a physical challenge, particularly something which is new, novel or challenging, a more muscular physique is likely to stand up to the demands and come out the other end in better shape when compared to a less muscled body.

Throw a set of twins with equal experiences, though one with a bodybuilding background and the other without, onto a deserted island, and you’ll find the Arnie wannabe better adapt to the island’s rigours.

Long term

With ageing comes a loss in lean muscle mass.

Bodybuilding training is one way to negate or at least slow the loss of muscle. Think of this style of training as a retirement fund. The muscle that you gain is added to a stockpile. When confronted with the inevitable decline, your larger muscle reserve acts as a safeguard.

Bodybuilding is far from a frivolous pursuit; it has much to offer when it comes to building a hardy and tough body.



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