It’s OK To Say ‘No’

Saying ‘yes’ can open the door of opportunity. Having the fortitude and foresight to answer in the affirmative is often a way to step out of your comfort zone leading to growth.

But the ability to say ‘no’ is just as important.

When can you benefit from saying ‘no’?

  • When your intuition suggests the option at hand isn’t the best option
  • When you’ve been through the same situation before and know how it will pan out
  • When it’s detrimental to your health
  • When you’re not ready. Imagine saying ‘yes’ to something physically or mentally demanding that requires total commitment. A slip-up could lead to harm or a loss of confidence, affecting your future participation. The alternative – saying ‘no’ – allows you to assess and ask, ‘Why was I  unwilling and how do I prepare for a similar scenario in the future?’

Saying ‘no’ can be the easy way out but it’s situation-specific. A ‘no’ can also lead long-term growth by giving you a chance to reflect.

Don’t use ‘no’ as an excuse to stay in your bubble. Use it as a tool to freeze time, allowing you to assess then capitalise on opportunities that may have otherwise overwhelmed you.


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