Why Do You Train?

Do you train because you want to or because you have to?

Understanding why you train can contribute to building healthy long-term habits, consistency, and progress.

There are immediate benefits of training like the satisfaction you gain after a tough deadlift workout.

Though, no one trains out of enjoyment all of the time. Waking up before dawn and jumping into an icy cold pool is rarely something to look forward to. But taking a step back and looking at training over time can create a clearer picture of reasons to train.

A birds-eye view helps you to get out of bed even when the prospect of training does not entice. If you get to the pool, you’re one step closer to your goal.

Set your goals with the future in mind. Targets are a good way to measure progress and make sure your on track, like achieving a particular lap time. Though plan even further ahead. What do you want to achieve in three months or three years?

Now you have less reason to skip training because there are consequences. By missing training, you put your long-term goal in jeopardy.

Train for the right reasons and use goals to keep yourself accountable.


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