The Pressure Of An End Date

We’re told to live each day like it’s our last, but it’s not that simple.

The pressure of an end date forces us to act and think differently. I witnessed this recently when a student at the Kung Fu academy was ending his stay.

His attitude changed significantly during his final few days. He was bolder and demanding of what he asked from others –  asking things that he wouldn’t have normally. He aired his criticisms with greater freedom too.

He appeared to care less of the consequences of his words and actions knowing he had nothing to lose. And his willingness to learn increased – he pushed fellows students to teach him.

His cavalier attitude was unattractive at times but there was no doubting its effectiveness.

How do we take the good parts of his approach and apply it to our lives? Or is carpe diem unsustainable?

Goal setting is part of the answer, as it gives us deadlines. Remember the initiative we showed when a high school assignment was due? The due date forces action. But the difference is we need to hold ourselves accountable, as Mr Hawke from History class won’t be there brandishing his whip.

Regular reminders help too. A simple memo can keep the goal – living each day like it was our last – in mind.

Is it sustainable to live this way? Leave your opinion below.


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