Everything In Moderation, Including Moderation

Everything in moderation – good advice from every mother’s handbook.

This maxim holds true for nearly every situation…

  • Nutrition – eat a balanced diet. Allow yourself treats but in lesser quantities.
  • Exercise – train regularly and with variety. Allow for rest.

There is an innate sense that tells us what is sensible. But occasionally, it’s valuable to ignore the inner voice.

A life of moderation is a boring one as it sets constraints on what we should and shouldn’t do. We’re not robots that require rigidity to survive, we’re capable of dealing with chaos too. And while the thought of breaking routine frightens us – this is more reason to unshackle from the restraints we set.

Stray from your meal plan or try something different in the gym. You might learn something. You’ll become more adaptable by opening yourself up to disorder.


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