The Value of Teaching

The student will appear when the teacher is ready.

Is anyone expert enough to teach? Is a level of mastery needed before passing on knowledge.

This mindset slows progression. There is no magical threshold to begin passing on what we know.

Fear we’re not yet good enough

Fear of inadequate skills stops many from teaching. But, skill levels are relative – if you know more than someone else, that is enough to teach. If you don’t trust your teaching abilities, the only way to improve is by teaching.

Fear of wasting time

Teaching takes time but is not a time waster. It provides an opportunity to:

  • Review the fundamentals of a skill.
  • Consolidate a skill through observation and practice.
  • Develop better cues.
  • Pass the skill on and contribute to the growth of the community, whether it be wrestling or weightlifting.

Be open to teaching. And while there’s no perfect coach, with good intent, both student and teacher will benefit.

What have you learned from teaching? Leave a lesson below.


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