The Value of Rest

Exercise can be an addiction. Guilt a symptom. And though it might seem innocuous, it has its dangers.

What are the dangers of too much exercise?

Lack of recovery

  • Training puts a strain on the body and causes minor damage, like micro-tears to muscle fibres. The body compensates and grows stronger because of the stress. But inadequate rest slows this adaption meaning more work for fewer gains.

Increased injury risk

  • The body becomes vulnerable to overuse injuries if training stress accumulates.
  • Fatigue causes athletes to be susceptible to injury at the end of a match or season.

Reduced motivation

  • Training day after day is exhausting on the body and mind. At some point, motivation will dwindle.

Dietary guilt

  • Food should never be earned. A day without training doesn’t mean a drastic change of diet is called for. But sometimes guilt is felt when eating on non-training days. Remember, the body recuperates on rest days and needs all the nutrients it can get.
  • Honour hunger. Don’t cut calories and restrict.

Rest from physical activity is an important part of progressing. Also, it allows for time to be spent on other areas of life, like developing relationships or learning.

What’s your opinion on rest days? Does your mindset change? Do you feel a twinge of guilt that you should be doing something physical? Comment below.


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