Aggressive Goal Setting

“My goal is to achieve the front splits in one year”

Stop being conservative with your goals.

You allow yourself too much freedom and leeway when setting ‘realistic’ and ‘reasonable’ targets. There’s no pressure to get things done, so you skip days and tell yourself, “Tomorrow I’ll get serious”.

Inevitably, you get to the end date and you’ve achieved nothing. Diddly squat.

Set your goals aggressively – what’s the worst that could happen? Aim to achieve the splits in two months instead of 12. Would your mindset change? Would you alter your plans?

Of course, if you wanted any chance of success. And while you may not achieve the splits in two months, you’ll have made significant progress (and torn several pairs of pants).

Don’t allow a conservative mindset creep into your goal setting. Be bold. Create a deadline that makes you nervous, a deadline that requires aggressive planning, free from any fluff.

How do you approach goal setting? Leave your approach in the comments section below.


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