Saturation Versus Application

Thanks to the internet, it’s possible to locate the information we need or find the answer we’re after with only a few key search words (and patience).

The internet can:

The problem – our addiction to always wanting more.

The primitive part of our brain is to blame as it endlessly seeks hormonal highs. This is why pornography is detrimental to sexual health.

The ability to apply what we learn is lessened because we bombard it with information. We change YouTube videos before they finish out of fear we might be missing out. Our brains never have the opportunity to digest, and we’re literally none the wiser.

There is a solution.

We can’t override the pleasure-seeking part of our brains, but we can apply strategies and show greater self-control. Limiting time spent on the net (not on this blog, though!) is one example. Begin by making small reductions until what you do outweighs what you watch and read.

Be deliberate. Select content that supports and challenges your beliefs and biases. Don’t let a single perspective, including your own, be the definitive guide. Varied angles open you up to things you mightn’t have thought of and allows you to be judicious in your approach.

Don’t be the guy at the buffet who plonks a spoonful of each dish onto his plate only to leave most of it behind. Be strategic – pick what you really want and savour it.


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