Evolution of The Strength Scout

When beginning this blog months ago, my intent was simple: to test methods and speak of my own experiences of building physical strength and resiliency. But as the evolving content reflects, my mindset has shifted. Isolating physical development, from the rest of the body, is futile.

The Strength Scout has become an eclectic approach to developing strength and resiliency. Challenges await anyone who wants to squat 200kg or master the handstand. And while having a road map to these goals is valuable, learning to navigate the unforeseen obstacles is just as important.

The pursuit of physical goals has become less important to me. I still have goals – like wanting to squat 200kg – but I’m no longer burdened by them. The value lies in the process and the lessons learned along the way.

I have been guilty of allowing physical endeavours, such as achieving certain strength feats or physique goals, hold me back from progressing. My single-mindedness was more of a hindrance than a help, I know realise.

It’s clear that pursuing mental strength benefits the physical and vice versa. But developing the mind is not thought of highly enough, and this belief holds many of us back.

Physical training is a great to practice things you wouldn’t normally associate with the gym, like mental rehearsal and patience. By being more conscious and aware of our bodies in the gym, we can achieve better outcomes.


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