Take Responsibility

Failing to take responsibility for our bodies is the main reason injuries linger and performances stagnate. Let’s explore this issue and outline a way to improve.

Let it be

You’ve been struck by injury. Your strategy is to rest and avoid painful movements.

This is a good approach for mild injuries. The body is a healing machine and given the right environment, it will heal on its own accord. Issues, like chronicity, arise when you the injury is more severe than you thought and that’s when you…

Push through

You’ve built momentum with your training program only to feel a niggle. Your progress slows and pain levels rise.

But you don’t give up that easy.

You won’t let a small injury like this bother you, now that you’ve built a base. You push on and the injury worsens and frustration grows until you can train no more.

Triage yourself

Ego holds us back from making clear decisions – males especially.

Taking responsibility for what we do – and don’t know – is the best way to manage our bodies. We don’t have the knowledge of a medical professional but we can educate ourselves about the basics of body function. We can learn from reputable resources, take relevant courses and listen to our bodies at every opportunity.

Once we’ve taken responsibility, knowing when we’re out of our depth is the next step. The expertise of a health professional is invaluable given their knowledge and skills. But we need to understand this is a partnership – a doctor, podiatrist or physio – can only do so much with the time they have with us. Asking questions to find out how best we can aid recovery is an important part of the process.

Take responsibility and know when to share it with an expert – that’s good body management.

How do you approach management of your body? Leave your thoughts below.


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