The Protein Myth

How important is protein?

Protein – or more accurately – amino acids, are considered the ‘building blocks’ of the body.

Those concerned with pursuing strength or athleticism place protein on a pedestal due to its link with muscle growth.

To build muscle reports suggest 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight is needed. For a 200-pound male that’s 200g of protein a day.

Our propensity for protein began in the 1970’s, around the time of the Schwarzenegger era. It has since permeated its way from bodybuilder to the layman and a dish that lacks protein is considered incomplete.

But there is a growing case that we don’t need as much protein as once thought. The number of vegan strongmen, NFL athletes and bodybuilders are increasing. Examining their diets shows that protein can be expected from unexpected sources like vegetables.

Do the vitamins and minerals in fruit and vegetables improve the body’s processing efficiency so less protein is needed?

There’s no doubting the need for protein but be wary of the exploits of agribusiness and the protein powder industry – these groups tend to fund the studies that show the benefits of a high protein diet. This is comparable to the dairy industry’s claims that milk is the only means of getting adequate calcium – there are many other sources that provide effective ways to do so.

Do your own investigative work. Don’t allow mass media to do your thinking.


4 thoughts on “The Protein Myth

  1. This is an interesting debate. I admit I hadn’t given up meat for a long time because I was worried about the lack of protein in a vegetarian/vegan diet. However, now that I am vegan I truly cannot see the difference between gains in the weight room even though my protein intake was triple what it is now. I actually will be bold to say that I actually grow quicker with my new diet, although it may be because I recover a lot faster. I definitely have to agree with you that vitamins and minerals may increase the body’s processing efficiency. Thanks for the insight!


    • Glad you found the post insightful. Thanks for your input.

      I think people fail to see the negatives attached to animal-based protein. That’s not to say a vegetarian/vegan diet is perfect but there is less risk in my opinion.

      How did you find the transition to becoming a vegan?


      • I agree!
        It actually wasn’t that hard once I realized that it was the taste of the seasoning on meat that really enticed me not the actual meat itself. That and the realization that eating meat was merely an addiction and/or habit but nothing else


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