Give Your Body More Credit

Adaptable – sums up the abilities of the human body to respond to the ever-changing environment.

I recently read an article on labelling the body as a messy, non-linear system. Greg Nuckols, the writer, hit the nail on the head with this summation.

We often compare the brain to a computer and the body to a machine. These analogies are sloppy and don’t give due respect. Look around you. If we were mechanised, would obesity be rampant? No, we would be programmed to eat for optimal function.

Athletes offer further evidence of our ability to adjust.

Lifting heavy things, the body builds muscle and improves neural connections to make it more efficient at…lifting heavy things. A man can become a mountain. Meanwhile, endurance athletes, like the Iron Cowboy, are able to run mile after mile – far in excess to what we once thought possible – by training their body and mind.

Too often we’re looking for optimal, whether a faultless training program or a perfectly calibrated nutrition plan.

We don’t allow for inevitable speed bumps like illness or birthday cake. Our palms sweat when the cake is handed out while we scramble for a sturdy excuse.

Allow for chaos – your body will adapt. Unshackle from the machine mindset and eat some cake.


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