Think Big

Pareto’s Principle – 20% of investments generate 80% of income  – was a concept put forward by Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto. Some argue the ratio is even more skewed, distribution of the world’s wealth being an example. Recently it was claimed that 62 people hold half the world’s wealth.

Pareto’s principle can be extrapolated to building strength and improving health.

We are often caught up in the details – putting too much currency into small things that give only a small benefit –  instead of focusing on the basics.

Supplements are a good example of investing in the trivial.

Unplug your headphones and walk a lap of the gym. Talk of whey protein, creatine and pre-workouts will soon clog your ear holes.

Are you looking to build muscle or lose weight? Protein powder will do the trick.

And your car’s faulty gearbox – a scoop of whey will fix that too.

This ‘magic bullet’ phenomenon needs to stop. It may not be harming us but it’s certainly not having the benefits claimed by the supplement companies. And throwing money at this industry will only increase their influence.

Slip your wallet back in your pocket and focus on the basics.

Take nutrition. If most of what you eat is wholesome food, you’re on the right track. The same applies to training. Compound movements should be the focus of each session.

If you’re an elite athlete or believe you have everything in place, and I mean everything, then consider the finer points like supplements. For the rest of us keeping it simple is the best and easiest way to ensure consistent progress.


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