What did you think of Joma’s journey?

His tale was my first attempt at writing fiction in years. I enjoyed the experience and learned about the fictional writing process along the way.

I learned the value of planning. Preparation provides a framework to build a story – like drawing the outline of a sketch before adding the detail and colour. Having a better understanding of each character, for example, would have allowed me to make them more distinct, allowing their thoughts, actions and words to flow naturally.

I pulled ideas from personal experiences as well as from books I have read and movies I have watched. What we take in from our environment shapes us and influences what we return. I avoid the news for this reason. The negativity on display, for the sake of ratings, would only increase my own negativity.

“Ain’t nothing but the blues on the news”.

Joma’s Journey draws to a close the second instalment of my 90-day blog post challenge. What comes next?

I have toyed with the idea of ending the challenge. The strict timeline curtails my ability to do the research required to write in-depth. But this is not the essence of the challenge. Writing daily helps to create the habit of…writing daily. It allows for imperfection and helps me experiment with different styles and voices.

I will forge on.

I look forward to your opinions and feedback – what have you liked and disliked? How can I become a better writer? Don’t be shy.

If you think a friend or family member would enjoy my writing, feel free to share my blog.


2 thoughts on “Interlude

  1. Great first attempt, I admire your ability and honesty in creating your ‘Joma’ character. You were able to describe and feel not only Joma’s emotions but also those around him. The essence of your story resonates with each and everyone of us, that is trying to find our purpose and direction in life. Some days we may be restless within ourselves and other times we are content. Life is a journey and we must travel and accept and make decisions along the way. Thank you for sharing your story and wisdom.


    • Thanks, Mum. Glad you liked it.

      I agree. Life is about small steps and building towards where we want to go. Every day won’t be a good one but with the right mix of determination, skill and support, we’ll get to our goals.


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