Chapter Twenty

Babo’s prediction of good sailing conditions was accurate. Apart from a few passing showers, the seas were smooth.

Joma navigated the waters using nature’s compass – the behaviour of birds, the position of the sun, and most importantly the stars, guided his journey.

The idyllic conditions coupled with ample supplies left Joma with time to reflect. He recognised the irony of his trip – shipwrecking on a village much like his own and realising the treasures of life lie in the simple things – contribution, community and a strong sense of self-worth. He understood that value came in the process, like building a skill, not the final outcome.

He felt foolish – it had been a dangerous learning experience and placed an unfair burden on his family.

Though, the journey produced the result. Perhaps he wouldn’t have reached these conclusions otherwise. This alone was worth the perils of his adventure.

He couldn’t wait to get back and apply what he had discovered.


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