Chapter Twelve

Joma was still acclimating to his updated boat when the gloom set it. Conditions began to worsen in a hurry.

As a precaution, Joma took down the main sail to avoid potential damage. He would rather slow down and preserve his primary form of locomotion for the rest of the trip. He double-checked everything was secure too.

As the seas swelled so did the anxiety within him. Upon recognising his unhelpful thoughts and feelings, he reassured himself. He had all the skills to combat a storm like this. Besides, he was searching for an adventure and had found one.

The rain began to lash down and stung his eyes, while the waves continued to grow. Joma manoeuvred the skiff as best he could and found himself enjoying the challenge. He worked his way around the wet deck and began to navigate his way to shore. Shelter was his best option with the storm growing in intensity.

The shoreline grew nearer though the sea seemed to sense this and bristled angrily as if trying to prevent him from reaching his destination. He was close now and the waves began to break. The boat was taking on too much water.

It began to roll uncharacteristically thanks to the loss of balance and Joma heard a grazing sound. Reef, Joma swore to himself. This time there was a thud and crack and the skiff hung in the air as if deciding whether it had the will to continue or give in.

A large wave had the final say as it came crashing over Joma. Then everything went black.


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