Chapter Eight

Joma was spending more and more time at the boat yard and found himself there once more on a windy afternoon.

“No, no, no!” exclaimed the old boat builder as one of his workers brought him a number of planks of lumber. “This timber is too rigid. The boat will be prone to snapping under the strain of bigger waves. Bring more pliable wood please,” he told the worker with a dismissive wave of the hand.

The two were working on the sail. The additional thickness of the fabric made progress slow. As the worker left, Mariusz spoke, “You know, you shouldn’t compare yourself to your father”.

“He built his life under different circumstances. They forced him to adapt to become the man he is today”.

“Besides, you don’t know his full story. You two are more similar than you think”.

Joma chipped away at the stitching not saying anything for a few minutes. Eventually he replied, “I can’t help but feel the weight of expectations Mariusz”.

“I get the impression from the villagers that I must fill his shoes”.

The old man nodded slowly as he angled the fabric in order to stitch the corner. “It is normal to feel this way Joma. One thing you must realise is that the only one who is applying pressure is you”.

“Your perception of reality is not a true representation but is skewed due to your own beliefs and biases”.

Joma looked up for a moment at the old man and forced a smile. “What else do we need to do to get this mighty boat ready?” Joma asked lifting his mood and changing the subject.

Mariusz chuckled, “Still plenty of work to be done my boy!”

“There is storage to think about…”

The old man began to ramble off the pre-requisites as Joma thought about what he had said. He knew he wasn’t looking at the world through an objective lens but didn’t know how to change this.


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