The Finale

Thank you all for reading ‘The China Saga’. My original intent was to not only cover my time in China but also to present the lessons I learned along the way in a story-like manner. The end product is not what I had in mind given the lack of flow and direction, but I’m still happy with my efforts and have gathered plenty of nuggets about strength as well as the writing and editing process. It has forced me to rethink how I can combine storytelling and reality in a more cohesive fashion.

Although still in progress, I thought I would provide you with a brief summary of what I have learned so far in China. For one, the importance of mental strength shines through. If one can be strong in the mind than the body is capable of many things. Athletes of the highest calibre and achievement would attest to success being 90% mental application. Having said that, when it comes to athletic pursuits or any endeavour for that matter, how many of us dedicate 90% of our time training our minds?

It may sound counter-intuitive, but another thing I have collected thus far is the value in being holistic in your approach. While adopting a narrow focus may prove useful for some, a broad scope is likely to reap long-term success. Imagine taking the best systems from different fields and combining them into one. A simple example being field athletes like football players, who incorporate principles of weight training to create more robust physiques while adopting techniques used by sprinters to improve speed and agility.

I could go on and on with this summary though would rather you got on with your day. I’ll wrap things up by saying this – include others in your journey. If you think disconnecting from the world will fast track your progress, freeing you from distractions, you are wrong. For one, your path will be tedious and lonely. You’ll have no one to share your trials and triumphs with. No one to lean on in times of need. No one to ask questions when you don’t know where to go next. As Homo Sapiens we are social creatures. This is one of the key things that has allowed us to hold a place in history that no other animal has. If we forgo the social aspect we lose interdependency, our true strength. Don’t push people away, draw them in. Learn from them and support them.

Before I start getting to gushy, I’ll sign things off here. What’s next for The Strength Scout? I would like to give combining a narrative approach with practical applications another go and will spend the next few days planning on how to do so. If not, I’ll experiment with other avenues to impart what I learn into an easy and enjoyable read.

Oh, and if you have any feedback or suggestions, I would love to hear them.


6 thoughts on “The Finale

  1. I have enjoyed following your journey and the way you have been objective in your views and also your honesty about your feelings. It takes courage to write truthfully.


  2. Hi mate,

    Tom from fieldwork here. I actually forgot about this page until today, then remembered you sent me the link before you left. Just read through all of it and really enjoyed it, I like your writing style.

    Hope you’re enjoying yourself and would be keen to chat and/or catch up if you’re ever back in town! Would also be keen to see the grappling! 😉


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