Direction Versus Distraction

The long weekend passed quickly having kept busy with various tasks and activities. On reflection, he hadn’t achieved anything of note. Why was this?

Communicating with his Mother through instant messaging, the two had been discussing happiness and it’s constituent parts. One of her remarks, the importance of busyness, resonated with Andrew. Being busy and focused on the task at hand helps to keep the mind in the present rather than the past or future.

This is true, Andrew thought, it helps one to feel useful and a sense of accomplishment after completing a task. Simply being busy though, will get you nowhere unless combined with direction. Direction towards the goals you hope to achieve.

Andrew began to scrawl his thoughts down. Instead of using his free time to do busy work that would distract his mind from negativity, his time was to be spent moving him ever closer to the benchmarks he hoped to achieve in the future.

Today was a landmark day.


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