Human Encylopaedia’s

Martian’s time at the academy was coming to a close; he would be leaving in a few days time. Four months at the academy and it was time to move on, though the future remained unclear.

Being somewhat of a recluse and outcast of the group, Martian kept to himself at meal times and rarely trained with the rest of the students. In spite of this, he would happily talk with Andrew when away from the group. Perhaps it was because Andrew showed genuine interest in what Martian had to say while sarcastic undertones filtered through the dialogue of the remaining students.

The man is a wealth of knowledge, Andrew reflected before bed one night. He could speak competently on a wide array of topics from medicine to spirituality, and had opened Andrew’s eyes to some fascinating ideas and offered suggestions for further reading.

Andrew loved to read though consistently underestimated the unique knowledge locked within each individual. One’s experiences coupled with their interest’s produces an inimitable cocktail of data, which can be accessed with nothing more than the right attitude.

In future, Andrew planned to read more deeply into the walking human encyclopaedia’s that surrounded him each and every day. It was not a matter of prying, he thought, simply getting people to speak about things they are passionate about. He had to discard the notion that he was wasting his time which sometimes plagued his thoughts when caught up in conversation. You can always read a book, but you have only a limited window to access another person’s knowledge.


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