Understand The Why

Training rolled on at the academy. A new student began, a 30’s-something Chinese woman. Finally he wasn’t the least adept Kung Fu practitioner! The more he pondered the full-time academy and it’s participants, the more he was sure that life at the academy wasn’t truly reality.

Much of his theory stemmed from student’s approach to training. If this were reality, training would be approached with an unparalleled intensity that one would attribute to an individual following their passion. His older brother, whose heart bled musical notes, was the perfect example.

He was not witnessing this. A classic example, he thought, was attendance. With the exception of a relative newcomer, no one had participated 100% of the time due to a multitude of flimsy excuses.

Andrew was not disappointed at the other students’ efforts and taking a swipe at their integrity. He was sure that past students had approached their time at the academy with the intent of squeezing every last drop out of the experience. The point was that each and every student has his or her unique reason for attending the academy, and it’s not always to optimise learning the art of Kung Fu.

Perhaps once you know why you’re here and have had your fill, you can leave…


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