Fork In The Road

While training, training occupied his thoughts. Though, during the brief interludes between sessions, his mind continually drifted to altering his plans. The possibilities were endless and appealing.

First though he had to determine why he was leaving. There was no right or wrong answer; both decisions could be justified. To stay would mean learning more about the art of Kung Fu, establishing himself as integral member of the academy community and learning more about himself.

To go? He would be able to begin another adventure, see another country, experience new things and be forced out of his comfort zone. He would need to fend for himself without leaning on the crutch which the academy provided.

With a yes or no decision to make, what was causing all this hesitation? he wondered to himself. While he would need to make certain adjustments, altering his travel insurance for one, these were not the major impediments for him reaching a verdict. The answer lay in the question that repeated in his mind, what would others think?

Was he giving up? Did loneliness get the better of him? Even if he was and even if it had, it did not matter. He needn’t worry about others thought. That was up to them. Why waste energy speculating when it could be better spent on making a judgement call. Besides, he didn’t know what others were thinking, it was his perceptions that were playing tricks on him.

He had made a decision and that was that.


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