Pivot Or Stay True?

Although still early in his journey, it was becoming apparent to Andrew that this trip was more for mental growth and learning under the guise of physical training. This is not to say Andrew had nothing to learn about Kung Fu and its applications. He would certainly apply the principles he gathered along the way, particularly the need to include some form of movement pattern training to enhance his coordination and balance.

He wanted to be forced out of his comfort zone. He wanted to experience isolation and a type of solitude where he was separated from close relationships. He would learn how to be content with himself without leaning on others or things.

His comfort zone was quickly expanding. He had begun to utilise airplane mode on his phone for large portions of the day to limit interactions with the outside world, after Forde had mentioned this tactic during one of their conversations. Try to create separation between you and where you’ve come from or it will make the transition more difficult, he had said. Already he was feeling a difference.

With developments occurring at speed, Andrew wondered how quickly the academy setup would become too comfortable. After all, he could remain confined to the school’s walls all day every day with food and shelter provided. He had his books and his training. While he still had much to learn about the martial art, this was turning out to be a by-product of the trip as a whole.

Maybe, he thought, this is what accounted for the lengthy stays of individuals at the academy. Comfort. Martian, for one, rarely trained and instead spent most of his days in his small room.

He would continue to develop here, fostering patience, independence and contentment with himself, but would he mature faster if he pivoted on this adventure? Was a change of course what he needed or should he stay true to his original journey?


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