Minute By Minute

The process. Presence. Call it what you will. This was an area Andrew was determined to improve on.

They say depression results from dwelling in the past while anxiety is caused by thinking of the potentialities of the future. Working only on the task at hand did not come naturally to him, after all, lessons lay in past experiences and goals lay ahead, did they not?

He had begun to find ways to become more present. He would remind himself of his core values first thing in the morning along with his overarching goals. After that it was a matter of becoming absorbed in the present whether it be sweeping the yard or following what he deemed to be complex Kung Fu instructions.

His mind continued to flicker. Anxiety rose as he thought of the hill run he had to complete later that morning. No, he thought. There is no value in wasting valuable processing power on something that he could not influence. The only time he would dedicate energy to the hill run, would be during the process of the run itself.

Step by step. That is the only way forward


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