Mastery Is Simple

As if the roosters and flies had conspired with one another, Andrew was unable to sleep in. A faint whistling noise could be heard just outside his room. Making his routine toilet trip, he walked past the senior Shifu practicing.

If the rumours are true, the Shifu is 62 years old, but doesn’t look a lick over 50. It is said he has trained every day since he was 6.

Andrew, not wanting to make his intentions obvious, began to pick the chestnuts that had fallen overnight in a guise to watch the man. He thought it remarkable that the Shifu followed the same format that the student’s partook in during the week.

He warmed up by skipping followed by the basic kicks and punches. Next he practiced forms before moving on to technically demanding techniques involving weapons such as the chain whip and spear.

It was no wonder he was so proficient. The formula to mastery was truly that simple (but not easy!) – practice, practice, practice. Of course this would have to be combined with relevant criticism to ensure mistakes were corrected. The senior Shifu no doubt received such feedback during the earlier parts of his decorated career.

Daily practice would need to become commonplace for Andrew if he wanted to achieve mastery. He had the discipline to put this into practice; all he needed now were goals and the right coaches to guide him.


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