Control The Controllable

The first week had come to an end. It had gone quickly too. Friday’s session included a long hike to a temple atop a mountain. In total the trip took more than 4 hours. In fairness, playing tourist along the way slowed progress.

His body was beginning to respond to the training rigours. Soreness was subsiding and movements were becoming more fluid. It will only be a matter of time before I’m a Kung Fu master, Andrew thought with sarcasm.

The beginning of the week had been a battle of coordination, which Andrew thought was going to be a major stumbling block. If he couldn’t string together the basics, how would he go with more complex forms?

Though, just like in the movies, with consistent practice coupled with guidance from the Shifu’s, he was improving at a reasonable rate. The young Shifu had told him that next week he must choose a style to learn. Andrew was at a loss. Being a newbie to martial arts, he had no idea what he wanted to learn. Maybe he would ask the Shifu to pick for him.

As he reflected on what he had absorbed over week, it became apparent that his time at the academy could yield serious gains if he could remain injury-free and consistently apply himself. Although the other students were of a higher ability, it was not relative to the time they had spent at the academy. Forde being a classic example. Nudging on 9 months, he has some nice moves but often misses practice. One wonders where would he be if he trained with more diligence.

With the day at an end Andrew told himself, forget others actions and behaviours, control what you can control. Comparing yourself to others is also an exercise in futility, he contemplated. He made a promise that he would maximise his time here by never missing a session and applying himself fully.


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