Build Upon Your Bonds

He slept poorly and the pronounced bags beneath his eyes confirmed this. For whatever reason, negativity plagues ones thoughts when in a fatigued state. Today he felt lonely. Not the type of loneliness of being alone, but the type that arises out of relationships that lack.

At home, although not perfect, his relationships offered depth. There was love, knowingness and familiarity with his family and close friends. Such understanding was nonexistent at the academy. Instead it was replaced by niceties, which he supposed were better than nothing.

He had taken his relationships for granted. They help to provide assurance and support among other things. Upon returning, he told himself, he would make more of an effort to develop his existing connections, strengthening them rather than allowing them to stagnate.

To do this he knew he would need to be more vulnerable and express himself with greater ease. The existing walls of stubbornness and impenetrability would need to be broken and replaced with a willingness to share. He would begin rewiring himself while at the academy. The anonymity it offered should prove useful.


2 thoughts on “Build Upon Your Bonds

  1. Hello Andy Your last post was immensely heartfelt, I wish I could hug and hold you, I too miss your presence and affection. I am saving all my hugs and kisses for you and when you return I am going to smother you with my love❤️

    Kind Regards Sandra Lettieri


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