Beware The Safety Net

The group traveled up the nearby mountain to complete a portion of their training. The waterfalls and sheer rock faces were an impressive sight. Overhearing the chatter from the more experienced students, it became apparent that the aforementioned natural features were in fact man-made structures. This was confirmed when the waterfall stopped halfway through the training session, controlled by a flick of a switch.

This took away the awe of the area, Andrew thought, but then again, isn’t it impressive that man can create structures that emulate the feats of nature? Imitation is the highest form of flattery after all.

Training was hard but fair, involving lots of repetition. The hike down the mountain offered Andrew a lesson. As he tackled the decline, he looked down ensuring he didn’t stumble on a stone or branch. Meanwhile Forde, the American, looked straight ahead appreciating nature around him, tripping once or twice in the process.

What an apt metaphor, Andrew thought. One can approach life in a conservative manner, taking the safe route. While it’s true he may not fall and hurt himself, he will miss out on life because of this fear. Opportunities will pass him by.

Conversely, tackling life by taking everything in and keeping your head up will lead to certain falls and failures. Though in the process, the world opens up and provides you with chances to make the most of your limited time on this planet.

How does one make the change and welcome failure? Andrew was yet to answer this question. Tomorrow, however, he would climb the mountain and keep his chin up.


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