GMB Integral Strength: Week Seven Review

Titled ‘Efficiency‘, week seven of GMB’s Integral Strength (IS) proved to be very similar to the previous two weeks. Additional rounds provided the difference.

At this point, it might seem that the programming from GMB lacks creativity given the simplicity of IS and it’s progression over the week’s. From the outset though, as outlined on the website, IS isn’t designed to impress, but rather to develop a solid strength foundation. Furthermore, developing strength and better movement competency is best achieved by a simple framework.

The intention of week seven, Ryan states, is to make the movements ‘prettier’ by focusing on improving quality and ease. This point is moot given that this should be the intent throughout. IS is self-regulating. That is, by not having to focus on completing a specific number of sets and reps, one’s attention can centre on how a movement feels. With sufficient practice, quality and ease improves allowing the participant to move to a more challenging variation.

I used this week as an opportunity to experiment. A simple design is one of the hallmarks of a solid program, though maintaining interest is also key as it fosters consistency which in turn leads to long term growth. With my interest waning, I made a small tweak – adjusting the exercise order.

Although slight, the change had the desired effect and helped me stick to the program.

Are there other benefits of changing exercise order?

When creating a program, the most technically demanding movement takes precedence and fills the number one slot in a training program. It receives the bulk of your time and energy investment with the payoff being speedy development (relative to the exercises which are to follow).

Using this knowledge, I placed the movements which I found to be most challenging at the top of the list. Without the influence of fatigue, I was able to focus more intently resulting in accelerated gains.

Working in a fatigued state is important too. A byproduct of altering the exercise order was working movements while tired which I had previously only completed when fresh.

Another week, another lesson. Next week will be the last of Integral Strength, stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “GMB Integral Strength: Week Seven Review

    • Hi Xariann,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Hmm, it introduced me to exercises I hadn’t done before – and I got better at them – but I didn’t get stronger. It depends on where you’re coming from. For those with next to no exercise or fitness background this would be an OK program. However, for anyone that’s dabbled with dumbbells or bodyweight training they might find this program a bit light on.



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