YouTube Review: Tom Merrick

Tom Merrick is a young and affable lad from the UK with a holistic approach to health and movement.

His training style is predominantly bodyweight-based, though he does incorporate traditional weight training into his routine, particularly for lower body development. He describes his diet as Paleo, erring into the Ketogenic realm. I.e. lots of whole foods, plenty of healthy fats and low carb.

Tom’s current skill level is impressive given his tall build. This post looks in to the content covered, the quality of production, Tom’s overall presentability and the value of Vitality & Agility (Merrick’s brand) as a whole.


Merrick’s channel combines an autobiographical approach with useful tips and strategies learnt along the way. A great example of this being his most recent holiday vlogs.

The 4-part series demonstrates Tom’s efforts to balance a healthy lifestyle with the freedom of being on holiday. Merrick’s catalogues his day, how he plans to incorporate training, while also taking a glance at the nutrition side of things.

He offers up free minimal equipment training routines which are hugely practical. Indirectly, Tom’s honesty about his weight gain while on holiday provides viewers with reassurance that no one’s perfect, and even those with the best intentions are fallible.

Other content includes recipe ideas, skill development tutorials and Q & A’s.

Production Quality

Production is well thought out with sections chopped to keep videos concise. The most recent catalogue of Merrick’s holiday illustrates his artistic side, as he integrates nature seamlessly into various shots.

Merrick also utilises time-lapses which adds a surreal effect when applied to the gymnastic techniques he is displaying.

Occasionally I found myself straining to hear when Tom presents outdoors, though audio overall, including music selection is solid.


Tom’s approach is conversational, with no bravado. He comes across as an authentic individual passionate about health as a whole. His demonstrations are tidy, and this is complimented with on-screen text where necessary.

He also utilises humour nicely, such as when a dog or background noise ruins a shot!


It’s difficult to quantify the value I’ve gained from Vitality & Agility.

From a practical point of view, there are many resources out there with more compact and precise demonstrations of technique, including progressions and regressions.

Having said that, I’ll continue to watch Tom’s tutorial videos. They possess a sort of personality in which you can easily relate to what he is saying, including lessons he’s figuring out along the way.

Furthermore, his willingness to give away well-thought out content for free is a huge tick. I’ll certainly be giving his traveling routine a go when I hit the road next.

He also puts a tremendous amount of effort into his video notes, optimising the viewers learning experience.

Overall, Merrick’s channel is in my opinion going under the radar and is certainly worth the subscription for individuals on their own health and vitality journey, particularly if calisthenics and gymnastics is something that interests you.

Rating – 4/5 avocados!


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