Gold Medal Bodies – In Review

Over the past 6 months, I have become intrigued with bodyweight training, mainly thanks to joining a new, innovative gym called Movement Co.

The classes offered, ranging from handstands to gymnastics, gave me a good taste of a bodyweight regime, highlighting some serious deficiencies in my strength and mobility.

In recent months, I have been working to incorporate the techniques I have learnt into my usual training practice with mixed success. I began reading Overcoming Gravity by Steven Low to help me better understand the programming side of things.

However, as the saying goes, “If you coach yourself, your coach is an idiot”

So, rather than build a sub-optimal program, I decided to give the guys at Gold Medal Bodies, or GMB, a go.

I had already been subscribed to their YouTube channel and had scrolled through their website, picking up many useful tips. The way the team at GMB presented information resonated with me, and lead me to select their Integral Strength and Focused Flexibility program over one of their competitors, Gymnastic Bodies.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll provide a weekly summary of my thoughts, analysis and feedback on the programs I have enrolled in.

Program Selection

GMB offers numerous programs. So why did I choose Integral Strength and Focused Flexibility?

Having stumbled around trying to self-program specific skills, such as the ring muscle-up, I decided that a better option would be to establish a solid baseline level of bodyweight strength and awareness. From this point, it would be much easier to develop gymnastic-type skills.

Integral Strength appealed to me due to the promise of developing quality movement patterns, functional strength and control. This would be complemented by Focused Flexibility, one of the programs they advise you to utilise alongside Integral Strength.

My review will also address how transparent GMB’s promises actually are (relative to my experience).

What has your experience been with GMB? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!


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