The Origin

The Strength Scout – The pursuit of strength and movement efficiency.

This blog serves to track my strength journey along with the lessons I learn along the way. From books to programs to YouTube channels, I plan to document the resources I have found most useful, and others not so much.

I’m unsure when my interests in strength and movement began, though I can remember as a small child gravitating towards the likes of Hercules, Jackie Chan as well as powerful animals like Rhinoceroses.

There appears to be very little congruency between the names mentioned above, and hence this spurred me to believe that being strong can be represented in different manners.

The strongman possesses unparalleled absolute strength, shifting planes and trucks. The Martial Artist demonstrates speed, power and lightning agility. While the gymnast excels when it comes to relative strength, performing incredulous manoeuvres on different apparatuses.

So where does this leave me?

Like Frankenstein, I’m in search of building the best version of myself by utlising tools, techniques and strategies from all facets. Whether it be daily undulating periodisation as it relates to Powerlifting programming, to Ballet foot strengthening protocols.

The first topics I plan to cover include:

I encourage you to join me on my journey! Follow me on Instagram where I may from time to time post a somewhat relevant picture of video of my escapades.

With my first post complete, I’ll leave you to ruminate on your own strength and movement journey. What’s driving what your doing? Are you after general fitness, development of specific skills or self-fulfillment?

Until next time,



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